About Niagara Tourism Network

The Niagara Tourism Network is an organization of grass roots tourism colleagues who meet to encourage partnerships, business development and networking opportunities.
Mandate: To offer monthly information exchanges to encourage synergies and marketing partnership opportunities. These meetings take place in all municipalities of the Niagara Region to promote the region as a whole to better understand our diverse product to ultimately increase guest experience,  length of stay and increase sales. So improve your bottom line by joining the Niagara Tourism Network.
These meetings also offer opportunities to promote each members products through marketing initiatives, the implementation of ideas and the creation of new itineraries to promote products and business development. Many new partnerships have been developed through this group.
NTN has already linked members to such topics as: Niagara Sport Tourism, LGBT travel research, Agri-Tourism, Niagara West Tourism, War of 1812, Tourism for the disabled, Cycling Tourism and so much more. 
Hosting a Niagara Tourism Network event gives organizations the opportunity to create an awareness of their products and services. The host organization will have the opportunity to give tours, bring their partners together to share products and services with a group of industry professionals who have the ability to help partners and promote the region’s uniqueness.
It’s an easy, inexpensive and effective way to promote an organization and its partner tourism services to the Niagara tourism industry community.
Requirements to host a Niagara Tourism Network meeting:
  The Host Organization's responsibilities:
                  Supply and sponsor a location and light snacks
                  Provide Directions and options for parking at the venue                            
                  Present their organization and partners
                  Provide name of sponsors for the agenda
                  Encourage local partners to attend and join NTN
  Niagara Tourism Network responsibilities:
                  Facilitate the session
                  Develop main topics of interest to benefit the industry
                  Facilitate distribution of the invitation to monthly meetings
                  Develop agenda, including sponsor acknowledgements
                  Follow up with meeting notes
                                                            TO HOST - CONTACT
                                          Susan Morin - suem@ventureniagara.com - 905-680-8085 ext.26



Hosting a meeting gives you an opportunity to showcase your tourism facility

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