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We are always excited to have new members join and all of the members build relationships with one another. With our simple, concise and effective meeting styles, you will be building connections to last a lifetime. 

The Agenda

January - November

(December Agenda below)

9:15 Check-in and networking



9:30 Welcome / Announcements

9:45  Round Table   

10:45 Host Presentation   

11:00 Back to work

December the networking event is a luncheon. 



The NTN continues to be blessed with support from all over Niagara. These meetings are free and for any business in the tourism industry. Meetings are held every second Thursday of the month. 9:15am -11am (except for the December luncheon)
Please contact Susan Morin if you want to host a meeting at your property or facility, or if you would like to attend a meeting
Clapping Audience
December 2019 Agenda

11:15 AM Arrival

11:30 Welcome and Announcements 

12:00 - Lunch

12:30 - Round Table 

1:15 - 1:30 Door Prizes

Business Card

Don't forget your business cards and brochures!

The most effective way to ensure people remember you, and your business, is to give them something to remember you by. Please remember to bring your business cards with you to every networking meeting you attend. Brochures are also encouraged. 

You Never Know Where Your Next Client Is Waiting For you.

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